Insurance with equality...


In our teamwork, service and advancement

At Equalsurance, we are committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion and believe they are a distinctive part of both our culture and business growth, resulting in progressive solutions that contribute to our unity, service and advancement. With diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage, our customers, clients, and communities will benefit.


Visibly committed to the local community

We are built on the foundation of being an active corporate ally to the communities which we serve. We also acknowledge that the best way to do this is to “put our money where our mouth is”…. we do it on a grassroots level, through sponsorships, events and various other philanthropic endeavors. We reinvest 10% of our annual operating expenses back into the communities which we serve. We aspire to be both a helping hand and familiar face within local communities.


We carry products that other carriers ignore or refuse to offer

We recognize the gap in the market place for the LGBT & allied communities, therefore, have made it our objective to continuously develop and offer products that other carriers ignore or refuse to offer. We believe we all should have access to having our needs insurance met.

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